Dropshipping business in Nigeria like an expert (Just 5 steps To get there)

Are you planning to start up a dropshiping business in Nigeria? Then these simple step by step guide is for you.

In fact,

Dropshipping business in Nigeria is blowing the roof right now because it requires little money to startup.

And has become one of the most popular ways to make money online in Nigeria

The best part is that you don’t need to have a physical shop to partake in dropshipping in Nigeria.

To get the start you have to understand what dropshipping is all about.

What is dropshipping in Nigeria?

Dropshipping is a commercial fulfillment method whereby a store does not keep the products in stock. But passes an order to a third party when a demand is made, and have the product shipped directly to the customer under his name.

dropshipping business in nigeria

For example.

A customer orders here a product from your online store, then instead of shipping the product directly to the customer.

You instead transfer the order to a third party for example oberlo and they ships the product directly to that customer that purchased from your online store.

With that here’s how to start a dropshipping in Nigeria

How to start a dropshipping business in Nigeria the right way

Starting a dropshipping business in Nigeria is not too hard as you might have guessed it to be.

With that,

Explore the best practice on how to start and become a professional dropshipping business marketer in Nigeria.

Step 1: Choose a niche

The first step is to find a niche, but not just a niche.

you want to find a niche you properly understand and its products can easily be sold and gain some profits.

Confused about what I meant by choosing a niche? no worry.

A niche is a particular or specific area you want to focus on when planning to start a dropshipping business in Nigeria.

for example, women wear, cosmetics, building materials, and more…

Here’s how to choose a perfect dropshipping business niche in Nigeria with huge profit:
  • Focus on what you know and can manage well
  • Choose a niche with a high market value
  • Evaluate niche competition( people who are in the same market niche as you.
  • A niche with high demand.

Now you have finally chosen the right niche is time for the next step which:

Step 2: find the right supplier.

This step involves proper research and care for you not to choose the wrong supplier.


Dealing with the wrong supplier can harm your shop image and is bad for business.

The most trusted suppliers in dropshipping products to Nigeria are mainly located in china.

The fastest and reliable dealers for Nigerians are Aliexpress and their products are very cheap and affordable.

Aliexpress has become one of the largest online dealers of all kinds of products across the globe ranging from kitchen utensils to electronics.

let’s dive right in on how to dropship with aliexpress to Nigeria

#1. Head over to aliexpress.com and click on sign up after signing in as a member.

#2. Click the search bar to find the particular products you will like to be dropshipping to Nigeria.

For example, I searched “itel p36”

And I was presented with many products. Click the one you like.

with that let’s move to the next step.

Step 3. choose a profitable platform

To dropship in Nigeria you need to set up a store where your targeted customers can find you.

To setup up a perfect store you need to create an e-commerce website where you can manage your products yourself.

But that said you can also use an agent such as oberlo,

oberlo is the leading online dropshipping platform in Nigeria.

They allow you to register and begin to sell your product for free they only take a small percentage from the sales you made.

Here’s how to dropship with oberlo

Head over to oberlo.com and register as a member, put your email address and password and you are good to go.

After creating the account click your profile icon and on the drop, down click “online store” and move to the next step.

In this step click on import list, then choose to add product by URL or id

how to insert product link to oberlo

Hover over to the product you just found in aliexpress and copy the product link to your clipboard.

dropshipping with aliexpress

After that head over to the oberlo and past the product link you just copied to the first column and see the magic.

how to dropship with oberlo

And boom!!!!!! you have successfully dropshipped a product from aliexpress to Nigeria without much stress.

make money online

So whenever a customer buys in retail from your online store, oberlo immediate makes the order and have the product shipped directly to the customer with your store name.

As far as the retailer’s contact details and address are correct, trust oberlo will make the delivery fast.

And you get paid. Boommm!!!, you will be shocked at how this works.

With that out of the way here’s the next step:

Step 4: promote your store

When you finished setting up an online store one thing remains dormant.

No one knows you exist at all, so they are not likely to see your business talk more about buying from you.


There remains a good and advanced way to get an online present fast and start making money online from dropshipping.

Here are the steps in details:

  • Invest in advertising either on google ads or with the aid of Nigerian popular sites like lindaikejisblog, nairaland, and many more.
  • Promote your business store on facebook , Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest, with any platform you are choosing make sure their audience is interested in what you have to offer.

Step 5: Maintaining your store

Let’s say you are now able to get traction and probably made some sales, you have to continuously maintain your store.

Because the common mistake newbies always make is to start an online business and later abandon it with little or no reasons.

Here’s how to catch up with that:

The first maintenance method you have to take seriously is:

By frequently updating your store with a product worth buying.

Taking your financial accounting seriously by keeping aside your personal and online store income separate.

Frequently asked question about dropshipping business in Nigeria

Can you dropship on jumia or konga?

The short answer is yes, dropshipping in Nigeria can be done on jumia or Konga, but in this case, the products are moved from jumia or konga to the customer in your name.

Can I sell on jumia outside Lagos?

The bitter truth is that mainly all the giant e-commerce websites in Nigeria like Jumia, have their sales operation in Lagos only due to some administrative reasons making it impossible for people to participate.


There you have it my five(5) step actionable tips, which you can use to get your dropshipping business in Nigeria off the ground.

I want to leave it up to you, which technique from today are you going to try first.

Do you want to start by opening a store or building your e-commerce website?

Just let me know in the comment section.

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