6 Advanced ways to make money on quora(you never know).

Are you planning to make money on quora? in fact, who doesn’t luckily for you I am disclosing the massive list of top advanced ways to earn money on quora the right way.

So if you want to earn money using quora you have to read this post to the finish. With that lets dive right in:

Quora is the largest Q&A platform and started like a million-dollar social media startup. It was co-founded in 2009 by Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever, who was working with Facebook.

Quora in this recent time have been generating 200 million unique monthly visit per month, the best part?

Quora’s traffic comes from google search and their traffic are mainly from the US, if you have been into any online business you will realize that the US buys things online more then any other county in the world.

With that out of the ways here is

how to make money on quora

we have a lot to cover for today, without wasting much time lets get started on how to money earn from quora.

#1. Affiliate marketing

You might have probably heard of affiliate marketing before, but for those who haven’t.

Affiliate marketing is the practice of recommending someone else’s products to buyers in other to earn a commission from any sale made.

Now you have understood what affiliate marketing is, here is how to implement it to make money on quora.

Head over to quora and register, when done you will be presented with questions people are asking about a particular topic.

If the ones presented to you are not okay to you just search for a particular question that you can answer and move over to the next step.

Which to find a perfect affiliate product to promote on quora, that seems like a lot of work to do

Because there are plenty of products to choose from and these are issues mainly found by beginner affiliate marketers on quora.

To find a good product with a good commission that is where Amazon comes to play with a wide range of products in their store you will never get in short of products.

But first, you have to register an affiliate on Amazon, to do that head over to amazon associate and sign up as a promoter.

After the successful creation of your amazon account head over to your dashboard and search for any product.

When the result opens, click “Get link” it will open this page.

Make money from quora

This where u customize how you want the product to be displayed to the users on quora.

Once you are done click “highlight HTML” that’s all there is to it. Now here is where things get interesting.

You cant add the affiliate link you just copied from quora directly to the quora answers you are giving.

If you try that let’s say quora is not for you again because you are going to get banned, lucky for you it may be temporarily.

To avoid the above problem create a free account on medium, medium is a place where everyone can create a post and publish without owning a website.

All I want you to do now in other to make money on quora is to write a descriptive post concerning the product link you just copied from amazon.

How can you write a review of a product you have not used for the first time? that is the problem when it comes to writing a convincing description.

But there is an easier way to do that, here is how:

When you search for a product on amazon you want to promote make sure to read the writer’s description of the product he is selling.

Then on medium rewrite what he wrote as a post for example when I was trying to promote a product on quora.

I wrote this perfect description for it, here is it https://innatebusiness.medium.com/ 

make money on quora

Then in the post include that affiliate link you just copied from amazon and hit publish.

So whenever you are answering any quora query insert the link to the medium post as a recommendation for readers to learn more.

Here is an example of this in action:

affiliate link in quora

When a person reading my answer clicks on that link, it will take them to the post I wrote on Medium.

That is all there is on how to make money on quora fast, if you think that’s cool wait until you read the number two method.

#2. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is one of the best ways to make money and also awesome tactics to make money from quora.

Dropshipping is the modern way of building an online store and if you run an e-commerce website this is the perfect way for you to utilize and make money from quora.

is there any way one can get an e-commerce website for free?

wait a bit there is:

This is where oberlo comes to play, they are the leading dropshipping platform that allows you to create a beautiful online dropshipping store within minutes.

Here is how to set up a dropshipping business store

When your store is ready and you are good to go with making money online quora.

Let’s dive right in on:

How to make money from quora using dropshipping

Making money online from quora using affiliate marketing is simply by driving targeted quora traffic to your store, just like what we discussed earlier about affiliate marketing on quora.

To do that head over to quora.com and join some product reviewing spaces, or you can ask or answer questions relating to your store.

For example let’s say you run a dropshipping store that sells women wears, just head over to quora and post some of your products there and when people start commenting on it.

Give them the link to that product and tell them that’s where they can get the product at a cheaper rate.

You can search for products related to your store and see what people are posting and asking about it then on the comment box insert the link to your store.

With a persuasive description that can make the reader say wow!!!, this is the perfect store for me.

And if the reader buys the product from you what do you think happened? you just made money from quora bingo…

Wait you have seen this method below before:

#3. Selling ebooks

Probably this might not be the first time you have been hearing this before, I even mentioned it in this guide.

but there is more to this, which is the best way and too convenient to make money from quora you can never imagine.

Feeling excited?

That’s why we have resellers ebooks, ever wonder if you can get an ebook free from copyright?

A sure website like indigitalworks has almost 2000 copyright free ebook you can collect, customize, edit, and publish to any platform of your choice.

The best practice is to edit the book with canva or any other editor for it to look professional to readers, there you can also add your own words of personalization.

Since the ebook is now ready all you need to worry about is where to publish it for free, which I got you covered.

continue reading:

You can get your book published on gumroad for free. yea you heard me right I said free.

Ever wonder if you can use google ads to make money from quora? That leads us to our next on the list.

#4. Ads(google adverts)

This is an advanced option, you might want to skip this one if you still a beginner.

with that out of the way here is how it works.

If you have a blog or website and have already monetized it with Google AdSense and you are looking for a way to gain more traffic and sales.

Then this option is for you:

As you already know when you leave a thoughtful answer with a link to your blog post.

People are more likely to click the link because they now see you as an expert in the field.

And when the got to your website and click on your ads, what do you think happened?

You just generated an income with quora traffic using google Adsense.

But what if you don’t have a website of your own? Gladly I just found an easier way to also earn with ads.

Hubpage is a website where people writes about their passion, to be part of those people simply register as a writer.

hubpage about us page

Follow their guideline for the registration, when done write a nice detailed article, and include an ad inside the content.

Then when the post is published promote the heck out of it by driving quora traffic to it.

Just follow the same process I explained earlier, which is answering questions people ask on quora and include your link.

In the process, one of your readers can click the link and you make money.

Please don’t overdo this step, avoid inserting a link to every answer you provide. Because quora might see it as spam and ban you with immediate effect. Just make sure to only include a link to one answer probably once in a week.

#5. Quora space

 Imagine for a while having a personal blog on quora, how much traffic do you think that could drive?

 Probably tens of thousands depending on the number of people in your space. with that here’s what quora space is:

 Quora spaces are new features that allow you to create a community of like-mind people to share similar interests.

 It’s similar to a Facebook group but different in the sense that not everyone can contribute to the group.

 here’s how to earn some money using quora space. as you might have noticed in this article.

 Each step I made requires huge traffic to earn some cash, which is the aim of this quora space.

 With quora space, you control the activity of what’s going on in the group, which can drive you more sales to your dropshipping store, more traffic to your article on HubPages.

 And most especially more traffic to your affiliate blog or answers that you leave on quora.

 The primary aim of this space is to drive targeted traffic on quora to your brand.

 To create a quora space.

  1.  Click your profile icon on the top right side.
  2. Now on the page look for where “create a space” was written and click on it.
  3. A popup page will appear, where you can write the name and the description of the space.
  4. After that hit creates, that’s all.

 You may want to read the terms and conditions of quora to know if you are on the right path.

 Now to our last step which is way more advanced is:

 #6. Quora partnership program.

 Just as the name sound, here’s is where you partner with quora and earn thousand of dollar just by providing questions on quora and not answers.

 But here is where things get creepier, you don’t just enter into a partnership with quora you can only be invited.

 That’s why I term is a hard option to start with. to stand a chance to get invited to the quora partnership.

  1.  You have to provide answers and also questions on quora regularly this might take some months.
  2. Make sure you write a detailed profile description by adding bios e.t.c
  3. And be an active member.

 After the invitation, quora will start paying you for just asking questions on their platform.

 The more views and upvotes that your answer gets, the more you will earn on quora.


 There you have it my six tips for making money on quora, just make sure not to spam the site in other to earn.

 Just act like a human and not as a bot for the likelihood that you are going to be invited into their partnership program.

 Now over to you, which of this method are you going to try first, are you going to start earning with affiliate marketing or driving traffic to your store.

 Either way, leave a comment below, and to get more tips like this make sure you subscribe to my newsletter and social media handles.

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