16 Enticing ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria fast in 2021(step_by_step guide )

Are you trying to make money online in Nigeria and can’t find anyone because they seem too fishy or looks like a scam?

But my promise to you is that “there is still an easier and most essential way to make money online with your smartphone or desktop”.

With that here’s how to make money in Nigeria fast:

1. Selling ebooks

 selling ebooks is one of the most successful ways of making money online in Nigeria.

 Since people are consistently looking for a solution to their problems. And if your ebooks solve their problem they will buy from you.

 With that here’s how to publish your first ebook without actually writing them:

 Websites like indigitalworks.com can give you the reseller’s right to sell almost 2000 ebooks without worrying about copyright issues.

 The best part?


 Those Ebooks you get from the website permits you to re-edit and change the cover of the books.

 Click here to get the inditalworks.com special ebooks offers.

 Now we got our Ebook that people actually want to buy is time to publish it.

 The best place to publish an ebook in Nigeria is actually on okadabooks and amazon.com , just enter into the website and register as a publisher that’s all there is to it.

 If you think that is cool wait until you see the next on the list:

 2. Affiliate marketing

 Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting another person’s business or product in other to make money or commission from it.

 Actually, affiliate marketing is taking the globe and is becoming the best way students or teenagers can make money online in Nigeria.

 You can simply find an affiliate product to promote on notable websites in Nigeria for example konga.com or even jumia.com.

 you can register as an affiliate and start promoting their products either in your blogs or even on social media like Facebook or WhatsApp.

3. Quora

 Quora is a community of answer seekers, so it can be a perfect place to sell your products.

 Some example of products you can sell on quora includes

  •  Affiliate products
  •  your personal products e.t.c

 In fact, according to similar web qoura.com gets over 111 million unique visits per month.

 With that here is how to leverage quora to make money online as a student.

How to make money on qoura
  •  Find proven affiliate products on Amazon or jumia.com
  • Now head over to medium.com and write a little and brief description of the product you are promoting.
  • The next step is to head over to quora and tap on search qoura.
  •  Now type a question related to what you want to promote
  • Another step is to answer the questions that you just found.
  • Finally added the link to the post you recently published on medium to the answer you are providing.

 NOTE: Never add your affiliate link directly to qoura, because if you do that let’s say qoura marketing is not for you again and you will get banned from their platform.

 4. Dropshipping

 Ever wanted to sell a product but don’t have the money to get a shop?

 Then dropshipping is for you

 .Here is the deal:

 Just purchased a product from aliexpress or 1688.com and have them shipped to your customer directly without you worrying about storing the stock.

Read the advance way to do dropshipping business in Nigeria like a pro to get more insight on that.

5. Picoworkers

 Picoworkers is an online platform where users can get paid by just completing surveys online.

 The coolest parts?

 This platform pays you in dollars, so you can actually make up to $20 just by working for only 1hr or so.

 Just head over to picoworkers and join the platform to become a member and start earning money by completing surveys.

 6. Freelancing

 Do you have any skills? if yes you can start making legit money online by offering your service on Freelancing sites.

 Allows you to leverage your skill and earn quick and legit money online.

 The skills in high demand are:

  1.  Web designers and developers

 2. Content writers

 3. Graphic designers

 4. Search engine optimization(SEO) e.t.c.

 In fact, you can actually sell any skill there as long as there are people to buy from you.

 you can register as a freelancer at upworks ,filverr or freelancer.com

 7. Renting out properties

 Do you have any property or you know anyone who has and want to rent it? if yes

 you can actually earn a small amount of money as an agent, all you have to do it to register as an agent in any of this website listed below and start renting

 private properties and propertypro.ng

 let us move on to the next tips to make money online in Nigeria.

 How to make money online in Nigeria as a student.

 Actually, anyone can earn legitimate money online be you a student or a teenager without spending a dime to start.

 As long as you have a smartphone and some little bit of data you are good to go.

 Let’s dive right in:

8. perform Online surveys

 Developers and entrepreneurs want the best for their clients, so they are willing to pay you.

 yes, you heard me right, I said pay you for just giving feedbacks and recommendations for future enhancement.

 you can earn as much as $50 per survey you make on sites like inboxdollars.

 Their surveys range from reading emails, playing video games, and properly watching videos.

 Testing and giving feedbacks on website or apps isn’t the only way you can make money online through a survey we still have:

9. Earn by watching videos and playing new games

 Who won’t be shocked to hear that, you can make money for free by just playing games and watching some cool videos right?

 The normal thing you do every day and nobody care to pay you, no worry with mistplay you will be able to earn money by playing games.

 The more you play and complete some missions the higher your payment and badge,

 not only that

 you also stand a chance to be among their leader board and win amazing prices each week,

 you can Redeem your Units for awesome rewards like Amazon, Visa, Google Play gift cards – and many others!. join mistplay now and start earning on daily basis.

 feeling happy? wait until you read the rest advance ways to make money online in nigeria

 10. Cryptocurrency trading

 Is not a new thing that cryptocurrencies are taking the lead as the next future payment method.

 in fact, according to paxful.com report, 1btc is now at an alarming rate.

1 bitcoin price in nigeria

    But buying bitcoin now won’t be pretty easy especially if your pocket is not money friendly(lols).

 That said there is still a proper and legitimate way to get bitcoins for free without actually paying for it.

 At freebitco.com you can earn bitcoins just by betting, performing a survey, spinning the lucky winners’ wheels( i call it the wheels of luck.), and also by referring friends.

 But if you feel like you are up to the task you can buy bitcoins from paxful.com at an affordable price.

 11. Translate and earn money

 With the diverse nature of the universe, people are now trying to learn different languages to enhance them in their business communication.

 Here”s where you come into play:

 Since they can’t translate they will need your help to transform that content into a nice and readable article to any language you know you are perfect in.

 can you speak different languages?

 then Translator cafe is for you, also you can find a translating job in say-hello

 Either way, they pay huge and still remain the most legit ways to make money online in nigeria

 with that here’s how to make $12 per week:

12. Sell your old books/textbooks

 Do know that old and dirty books and textbook of you can earn you a huge amount of money, just by selling them on websites like stuvia and sidehusl

 The two websites actually pay you by commission according to the content and quality of your note and textbooks.

 How do they do that?

 When you upload your notes to their website they may accept or reject them based on two metrics

 …Your note is not up to their standard
 ….They have the same note you submitted

 Pro tips:

 always make sure that your note/textbook is unique before the upload.

 let’s dive right into their requirements:

  1.  Be a college student
  2. Take detailed notes from a widely-attended class;
  3. ideally, have good grades (if you share your excellent grade with the site, the site will give your notes a mark of distinction, which presumably makes the notes more attractive to buyers).

 Ok!!, here’s the coolest way to make legit money online in Nigeria as a student or teenager without spending a dime.

13. Become a vocalist

 Here is where your beautiful voice can come into play and start generating you money for free without paying a dime.

 Welcome to Voices a marketplace where marketers come to hire a client with the best voice suitable for their various businesses.

 Such as advertising, storytelling, game and video narrators, and more.

 Sign up for voices marketplace here and start posting your sweet voices for free.

14. Sell designs

 Are you an amazing designer? or you are just a novice like me?

 in fact, anyone can partake in this avenue and start making extra monthly stipends online in Nigeria.

 If you are not a designer some websites like canva let you design an awesome t-shirt, banners, infographics, and more for free.

 Now that designing is out of the way, is time to sell the amazing product you just designed on canva at printivo.

 printivo is a Nigerian site that specializes in banner selling, brochures, t-shirt designs, and plenty more others.

 simply head over to their website or you can register directly here to earn a small percentage off if you want to become a reseller.

 15. Sell music beats

 In fact, the world is going crazy about music, and it’s high time for you to start leveraging that opportunity and start making money.

 This type of online work is mainly focused on those that can produce beats.

 If you can produce high-quality beats, start selling them today at airbits and let buyers find you and make a purchase.

 The best part?

 They agreed to offer all our readers a free sign up without paying any money to sell their beat.


16. Writing articles online

 Are you an amazing writer?

And planning a way to make money online in nigeria?

 Am sure you are, in fact, your professionalism is highly needed in Hubpages.

    Hubpages is a site that pays you to write an article for them with over 300,000 people visiting their site every month and also you can monetize your articles.

 Using affiliate products(we discussed earlier), Google Adsense, and also by allowing hubpage to run ads on your article.

 In Fact, they discuss several topics under the sun ranging from business to politics, so you will eventually know where to fit in.

 Here’s how to take part.

 First, enter their website and hit the sign up now button.

 it will take you to a page where you will be asked for your email address, password, and to fill in some payment method you wish.

 All this process is actually free, so you won’t pay any money to register.


 There you have it my 16 most enticing ways you can earn money online in Nigeria fast,

 As you can see the post was packed with actionable tips and tactics few people rarely talk about.

 Question for you

 Are you going to try making money online by selling ebooks or by writing articles on hubpages, keep your thought coming at the comment box?

 Also, remember to subscribe to our newsletter for you not to miss our new and latest updates.

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